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Darren Little

Darren Little from is a Chiropractor and Craniopath based in Artarmon and in Surry Hills, Sydney. Darren works with a number of dentists across Sydney to improve the long term health prospects for each individual. His assistance with wholistic dental correction of patients has had a large impact on their prognosis and healing time. “Moving teeth around and changing someone’s bite has huge ramifications for the rest of the body and nervous system. Sometimes it can uncover other hidden issues that have been compensating for the poor dental alignment for many years and I just help the body and cranium keep up with the changes in the bite. It’s for functional integrity but also patient comfort.”

He is the current President of Sacro Occipital Technic (SOT) Organisation, Vice President of SOTO-International, and is a published author. He is Advanced Certified in SOT chiropractic technique and is an Internationally Certified Craniopath. Darren has specialized in Temporo Mandibular Dysfunction (TMD) diagnosis and treatment and runs two family-based wellness practices , providing care for people of all ages especially children and adolescents.

Our offices are set up to create a healing environment. One that is fun and relaxed ,with supportive staff to facilitate a comfortable surrounding for the children who come to see us. The chiropractic techniques I use in practice are low force, and extremely effective.

SOT is a gentle and wholistic system of chiropractic. Best known for cranial work but also involving detailed analysis and corrections for the pelvis, extremities and the visceral system, SOT and SOT Cranial allow practitioners to knowledgeably analyse a patient's body to determine underlying spinal, cranial and organ-related problems. SOT chiropractors understand the mechanics and neurology of the body in an organised and practical way.

It has long been recognized that the central nervous system is the chief processor of the body and that a balanced structure is essential for balance in the muscular, vascular, chemical and mental/emotional systems. It is for this reason that, before embarking on full-scale orthodontic work, dentists are referring their clients to chiropractors for foundational therapy, particularly with regard to pelvic and cranial stability. These procedures are not just intended to improve dental results. The connection between the bite and the body is so great it is possible that by correcting a malpositioned jaw, a whole cascade of spinal compensations may be revealed (or corrected).

Moving teeth around and changing someone's bite has huge ramifications for the rest of the body and nervous system. Sometimes it can uncover other hidden issues that have been compensating for poor dental alignment for many years...

The chiropractic aim is to achieve optimum health. For some people this is difficult, but it is a goal. The further towards a state of health a person can progress, the less likely they are to get sick or hurt. True healthcare is a continual
process of seeking optimal function and homeostasis. Health is not a destination; it is a journey. With chiropractic, correct spinal posture and function enables correct nervous system function and health. Craniopathy is a specialist field within chiropractic, which deals with the micro-motion of the cranial vault (skull), its distortions and ultimately the effect it has on normal cerebrospinal fluid flow and the nervous system. The TMJ and the position of the jaw are two of the most important aspects of cranial function. Movement of the lower jaw, the
mandible, should be symmetrical, simultaneous and even. This is normal cranio-dental function. Any distortion to the bite plane or movement has an effect on the cranial muscle balance, normal spinal mechanics and pelvic stability.

Posture has been found to have an effect on dental occlusion, condylar position, and airway space, and likewise dental occlusion, condylar position, and airway space have been found to have an effect on posture. The two seem to be linked kinematically.1,2

To have a healthy balanced system with a large ‘adaptive capacity’ the structural planes of the body need to be level (head, torso and pelvis) and then the cranial system needs balancing with both cranial manipulation and dental orthopaedics.

Chiropractic and cranial assessment is now of huge importance, completing the full picture towards restoring complete functional dental health and pain management success.

Charlotte and Darren have been co-treating patients for over 10 years.

For further information and details please visit our website at: and arrange an appointment today. Or call Artarmon Chiropractic on 94100969.


1. Chiropractic, Dentistry and treatment of TMD Charles Blum DC Dynamic Chiropractic Oct 21, 2009 Vol 27, Issue 22 2. TMD Functional Integrative Approach: Dental and Chiropractic Approach to Forward Head Carriage Charles Blum DC AACP


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