Leanne Batley

Oro Facial Myologist, Leanne will be starting to work at our practice from July 7th, every Tuesday afternoon.

Oro Facial Myologist

HER EXPERTISE: Oro Facial Myology

Leanne is a Dental Therapist with 20 years' experience, working with many children to help achieve positive happy outcomes. She has also trained in the field of Orofacial Myology; her extensive dental knowledge lets her understand how the jaw and face develops.

Orofacial Myologists work with our clients using very specific muscle based exercises and techniques to improve the function of the muscles of the mouth. In children early intervention with orofacial myology can help correct poor tongue and lip habits that impair proper development of the face and jaws. Corrected tongue and lip function helps prevent crowding of the teeth. In teenagers and adults correct oral function has been shown to prevent movement of teeth after orthodontics.

Orofacial Myologists also work with clients to develop a natural nasal breathing habit. Body posture improves as you breathe through your nose, reducing adverse loading on the neck muscles and upper back. Chronic mouth breathing is linked to snoring, sleep disturbed breathing and poor quality sleep. Nasal breathing is essential to good sleep.

A child's thumb sucking habit can be difficult to overcome. Parents know that thumb sucking and finger sucking impact enormously on facial development and tooth alignment, but are often helpless to prevent it. Leanne develops clever & fun techniques that put your child in control of breaking their habit.

The success of these holistic therapies is achieved through a programme of simple daily exercises. Results are reviewed usually on a monthly basis and the exercises are modified for the next stage of learning. Final results are seen when the exercises becomes naturally incorporated in to everyday orofacial function. Cooperation and commitment to this process usually takes between 4 and 12 months

Orofacial Myologists work with different professionals to enable the best outcomes through a holistic approach. These practitioners include Orthodontists, Dentists, ENT's, Respiratory Physicians and Speech Pathologists

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What we do
Safe Amalgam Removal
At St Leonards Holistic Dental Care we ensure all the necessary steps are taken to remove your amalgam filling safely. We have been safely removing amalgam fillings since 1991 and following through on our philosophy "Together we help people get well and stay well".
Holistic Dentistry
We are a dental practice that has a unique touch. We go above and beyond in the quality of service you normally would experience at a regular general dental practice. Our practice motto is, "together we help people get well and stay well".
Cosmetic Dentistry
Ever thought that your smile could be improved but that aesthetic dentistry was costly or only used by actors and tv personalities? At St Leonards Holistic Dental Care we recommend aesthetic dentistry for many reasons to people just like you and I!
General Dentistry
Our initial consultation is 70 minutes which allows us time to discuss in depth all aspects that may be impacting your dental health, and alternately how your dental health can impact whole body health.
St Leonards Holistic Dental Care has developed an extensive network of practitioners in Sydney personally selected to work with us to help you reach better whole body health.
Sleep Solutions
Charlotte has completed a Masters degree in Sleep Medicine through Sydney University. She is a member of the Australian Sleep Association, and one of very few dentists who is accredited by the ASA to fit snoring and sleep apnoea Splints.
If you never get to the cause of the problem then the problem will continue or possibly get worse. Recognising sleep disorders can actually be quite difficult as people will rarely discuss their sleep problems with their dentist. However, because our patients visit us two or three times a year a dentist is well placed to recognize the early signs of sleep problems.
Chronic Pain?
Do headaches affect the quality of your life?
Do you see your chiropractor or osteopath every one or two weeks to stop your neck or back being painful? - Did anyone tell you that the cause of your pain could be your jaw joint?
We understand your problem!
Do you need pain killers on a daily or weekly basis? - Does Chronic pain affect the way you live your life?
St Leonards Holistic Dental Care believes in early interception, as they know well developed jaws and a balanced bite, affects the whole body throughout life. Orthodontic care can help create beautiful, attractive faces and healthy jaw joints!
Diagnostic Dentistry
All our patients are treated as individuals and have different oral health needs, therefore, the hygienist customises treatment plans for your specific needs.

"Together, we help people get well and stay well."
Our philosophy is that we have to consider the health of all of your body when we put together the plan for treating your mouth, teeth and gums.
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What does Holistic Dental Care even mean?

We are a dental practice that has a unique touch. We go above and beyond in the quality of service you normally would experience at a regular general dental practice. Our focus is on you as a person, not just on your teeth and gums.
We take the time to understand why your oral health care presents the way it does and focus on providing information to help you improve your overall wellbeing.

Our practice motto is, "together we help people get well and stay well".

We coordinate with a variety of co-practitioners such as Bowen Therapists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists, and other Dental Specialists such as Endodontists, Myofacial Therapists and Oral Surgeons...

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