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From Shirley Rd Chiropractic Sydneyin Crows Nest in 1998 and soon after opened a practice in the Hills area. From early on, Brent and his team have worked closely with dentists who understand the relationship between the teeth, proprioception (our bodies position in space) and cranial dural tension.

What is Proprioception?

Our joints and muscles are designed so that they can give feedback information to the brain in relation to their position in space. This feedback gives us the ability to reposition our limbs and head in a particular position with our eyes closed, maintain posture and generally understand where our body is positioned in space. This ability is known as proprioception.

The jaw joint is a highly proprioceptive joint. It gives the brain extensive information and provides feedback so that the brain can help create the necessary tension within the jaw and scalp muscles. Many people develop inadequate function in how their proprioceptive system works. This can occur for many reasons: injury, whiplash, jaw clenching or even a sedentary lifestyle.

Cranial Dural tension The brain and spinal cord are protected by a tough covering called the dura. It is attached to the inside surface of the skull and along the length of the spinal column. Its importance is often overlooked and patients who are suffering from tension within their dura may be completely unaware. In babies, cranial dural tension often results in irritability or an inability to turn the head comfortably to both sides. This in itself may lead to plagiocephaly ("flat head syndrome") as their cranial bones are so soft. In adults, cranial dural tension is common in those suffering from jaw problems as the very powerful muscles of the jaw are attached to the cranial bones. Assessment of this muscle function by a holistic dentist, followed by assessment by a suitably trained chiropractor is ideal and will give the best opportunity for good results.

Brent is interested in the very close relationship with the brain and its controlling influence on the musculoskeletal system. As a board eligible candidate in Functional Neurology with the American Chiropractic Neurology Board, he uses techniques to enhance the ability of the brain to function and give better control over muscle tone in the body. When it comes to the jaw, headaches, neck and head pain, much pain and suffering is due to an imbalance in how the powerful jaw muscles work, and the scalp muscles' resting tension. Techniques are utilized that help these muscles back into balance and advice is given to teach you how to relax, maintain good posture and improve general muscle tone in normal everyday activities.

More about Brent Gordon and Shirley Rd Chiropractic

Brent completed a Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) at the University of Sydney (1995), achieving the highest mark in his year, and Master of Chiropractic at Macquarie University (1997). Brent is a registered chiropractor and osteopath and also has a special research interest in the applied neurosciences. He has done extensive training in Functional Neurology by the American Chiropractic Neurology Board and has lectured in Neurological Diagnosis and Pre-clinical studies at Macquarie University over 12 years.

He has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals and has received many awards including for Radiology, Academic Excellence, human cadaver dissection and even has the title Prosector. Brent developed Spinal Vision's Virtual Spinal Care Class, the in-house education programme that is playing in the waiting room, and in those of other chiropractic practices in Australia and around the world.

Brent focuses his practice on understanding the root neurological cause of a patient's condition. This places him in a unique position as treatment is not just about "the sore spot" but why a person may have developed such a problem. Tightness and muscle spasm is generally the result of weakness and poor muscle tone elsewhere – which often results when there is imbalance within the nervous system.

His unique understanding of neurological control has resulted in him being involved in looking after those who have complex conditions, young babies with poor neurological control and elite athletes. 
Over the years he has treated various Australian Cricket players, Australian Ballet performers, American Baseballers, Olympic level athletes and triathletes, Ironmen, Tennis players and Marathon runners. Brent travels extensively with Ana Ivanovic, former World No. 1 Serbian tennis player, and is involved with major events such as the Australian Open, Olympics, the US Open, French Open, training facilities in Mallorca (Spain), and various International Tennis Championships.

When Brent is not looking after athletes, he particularly enjoys looking after young families and helping parents solve their concerns about the physical development of their baby or children. He sees many children for plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) and other cranial issues.

Brent has put together a team of well-qualified chiropractors who have a good understanding of the cranial dural system and the jaw joint. They are available for consultation at both the Crows Nest and Norwest practices. For access to further information about chiropractic visit www.shirleyrdchiro.com.au

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