Charlotte de Courcey-Bayley

Charlotte de Courcey-Bayley is the owner and dentist of St Leonards Holistic Dental Care
Dr Charlotte de Courcey-Bayley has worked at St Leonards Holistic Dental Care since 1986 and has owned the practice since 1998.

Our mission: to help you get healthy and stay healthy.

Over the 28 years I have spent in the dental industry I have undertaken thousands of hours of continuing education and undertaken hundreds of courses. I was lucky enough to be introduced to excellent teachers by my mentor Dr Andrew Taylor, the previous owner of Holistic Dental Care. Andrew instilled in me the need to stay current with education and learn from the best in the world. To this end I was the founding President of an Australian Chapter of The American Academy of Craniofacial Pain (AACP). This is a group for Dentists and Physical Therapists who practice in the field of Chronic Pain and Sleep Medicine. Over the last 5 years we have brought 40 presenters from across Australia and around the world to teach hundreds of dentists, specialists and physical therapists. Being around this amazing group of teachers inspired me to undertake a Medical Master's degree in Sleep Medicine so that I could understand and assist my patients with sleep disorders. This was a 3 year undertaking which I finished in 2014 and was probably the highlight of my educational career. I am now a member of the Australian Sleep Association, and one of very few dentists who is accredited by the ASA to fit snoring and sleep apnoea Splints.

Below I have listed for you a few of the other teachers I have learnt from to help you understand the direction our practice has taken as it evolved.

In the field of Holistic Dentistry:
Dr Hal Huggins: Pioneer in the area of safe removal of amalgam fillings. Hal researched and developed the protocol that we follow at Holistic Dental Care.

In the field of Chronic Pain and Jaw Joint dysfunction:
Dr Noshir Mehta: Dr. Mehta co-founded the TMJ clinic at Tufts University, Boston. He was named the first Director of the Gelb Craniomandibular and Orofacial Pain Center. The Craniofacial Pain Center is dedicated to the diagnosis and management of Temporomandibular Disorders and chronic head, neck and facial pain. It is one of the largest centers of its kind in the USA. I have undertaken hands on training sessions with Dr Mehta as well as organising visits to Australia for him to teach for the AACP.
Dr Mariano Rocabado: Prof. Mariano Rocabado, DPT, Full Professor - University of Chile. Faculty of Dentistry, Orthodontics Department. Mariano is a specialist in the craniomandibular and craniovertebral dysfunctions. He is known for his extensive work with TMJ, developing the TMJ exercise program. He teaches his program around the world to physical therapists and dentists as a way to help muscles and soft tissues within the TMJ area. At Holistic Dental Care we use Mariano's exercises. I have taken hands on classes with Mariano and assisted in bringing him to Australia to teach for the AACP
Dr Bob Walker: Chiropractor and developer of the system of chirodontics that allows Dentists and Chiropractors to communicate effectively and co-treat in the management and care of chronic pain. Bob is also passionate about effective nutrition as an integral part of the healing process. To this end at Holistic Dental Care we have a Nutritionist, Fiona Workman to help you with dietary approaches to better health and reduced pain.
Dr Steve Olmos: Dr Steven Olmos is an internationally recognised Dr Steven Olmosfound around the world. I have undertaken Steve's extensive training in the area of craniofacial pain and sleep disorders over a number of years. Steve was the person who asked me to start the Australian Chapter of the AACP. His passion, like Dr Mehta and Dr Rocabado is the interdisciplinary care of patients with sleep and pain disorders. At Holistic Dental Care we practice this team approach to your care.

In the field of Orthodontics:
Dr Derek Mahony: A Sydney based Orthodontist committed to bringing high level orthodontic education to general dentists. I have undertaken his mini residency in orthodontics over 2 years.
Dr Steve Galella: An American Orthodontist and innovator in the field of interceptive orthodontics. I have undertaken his mini residency in orthodontics over 12 months. Dr John Mew: Developer of the Bioblock system and pioneer in the field of facial orthotropics. I have attended his courses in Australia and in the UK. All these teachers focus on orthodontic techniques that address facial growth and development in the child. Learning their techniques allows me to recognise and address growth disorders that, if untreated can lead to poor facial profiles and bad bites.

In the field of Sleep Medicine:
Professor Colin Sullivan: Inventor of the CPAP machine and pioneer in the field of Sleep Medicine. Colin has taught me about the importance of effective nasal breathing and how to identify the risk factors for sleep disordered breathing. At Holistic Dental Care we have helped many patients discover that they were affected by undiagnosed sleep disturbed breathing. Our approach has allowed them to find solutions for this significant medical disorder. Dr Jim Papadopoulos: First Paediatric sleep physician in Australia. Our connections with Jim allow us to address problems not only for adults but also for children.

In the field of Cosmetic Dentistry:
Dr Urs Brodbeck: Well renowned in Europe and the Asia Pacific for his long term clinical research on ceramic restorative materials. Urs was an early developer of the ceramic systems that allow us to bond porcelain crowns and inlays and avoid metal based restorations.
Dr Tom Trinkner: Editor of the Journal of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and serves on the editorial boards of Practical Periodontal and Aesthetic Dentistry and Signature. Tom taught me his techniques to help design and deliver beautiful porcelain veneers.
After seeing these presenters both Dr Trinkner and Dr Brodbeck were kind enough to let me visit their practices and watch them work. In 2015 I will visit Dr Brodbeck again in his practice in Switzerland.

I hope that by seeing some of the education that I have undertaken over the last 28 years you will get a sense of the foundations of our holistic approach to your dental care. These teachers have shared their time and knowledge and helped to mould the philosophy and the resources that Holistic Dental Care can offer you for your dental health.

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More about Charlottes Approach to a Holistic Dentist Practice and why do we work at St Leonards Holistic Dental Care
What does Holistic Dentistry mean to our team and why do we work at St Leonards Holistic Dental Care?

Charlotte undertakes more than 100 hours of continuing education every year so that she can stay at the forefront of the field of Holistic dentistry.

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Safe Amalgam Removal
At St Leonards Holistic Dental Care we ensure all the necessary steps are taken to remove your amalgam filling safely. We have been safely removing amalgam fillings since 1991 and following through on our philosophy "Together we help people get well and stay well".
Holistic Dentistry
We are a dental practice that has a unique touch. We go above and beyond in the quality of service you normally would experience at a regular general dental practice. Our practice motto is, "together we help people get well and stay well".
Cosmetic Dentistry
Ever thought that your smile could be improved but that aesthetic dentistry was costly or only used by actors and tv personalities? At St Leonards Holistic Dental Care we recommend aesthetic dentistry for many reasons to people just like you and I!
General Dentistry
Our initial consultation is 70 minutes which allows us time to discuss in depth all aspects that may be impacting your dental health, and alternately how your dental health can impact whole body health.
St Leonards Holistic Dental Care has developed an extensive network of practitioners in Sydney personally selected to work with us to help you reach better whole body health.
Sleep Solutions
Charlotte has completed a Masters degree in Sleep Medicine through Sydney University. She is a member of the Australian Sleep Association, and one of very few dentists who is accredited by the ASA to fit snoring and sleep apnoea Splints.
If you never get to the cause of the problem then the problem will continue or possibly get worse. Recognising sleep disorders can actually be quite difficult as people will rarely discuss their sleep problems with their dentist. However, because our patients visit us two or three times a year a dentist is well placed to recognize the early signs of sleep problems.
Chronic Pain?
Do headaches affect the quality of your life?
Do you see your chiropractor or osteopath every one or two weeks to stop your neck or back being painful? - Did anyone tell you that the cause of your pain could be your jaw joint?
We understand your problem!
Do you need pain killers on a daily or weekly basis? - Does Chronic pain affect the way you live your life?
St Leonards Holistic Dental Care believes in early interception, as they know well developed jaws and a balanced bite, affects the whole body throughout life. Orthodontic care can help create beautiful, attractive faces and healthy jaw joints!
Diagnostic Dentistry
All our patients are treated as individuals and have different oral health needs, therefore, the hygienist customises treatment plans for your specific needs.

"Together, we help people get well and stay well."
Our philosophy is that we have to consider the health of all of your body when we put together the plan for treating your mouth, teeth and gums.
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What does Holistic Dental Care even mean?

We are a dental practice that has a unique touch. We go above and beyond in the quality of service you normally would experience at a regular general dental practice. Our focus is on you as a person, not just on your teeth and gums.
We take the time to understand why your oral health care presents the way it does and focus on providing information to help you improve your overall wellbeing.

Our practice motto is, "together we help people get well and stay well".

We coordinate with a variety of co-practitioners such as Bowen Therapists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists, and other Dental Specialists such as Endodontists, Myofacial Therapists and Oral Surgeons...

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Charlotte de Courcey-Bayley
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