holistic approach to Address Chronic Pain

If you never get to the cause of the problem then the problem will continue or possibly get worse

• Headaches
• Grinding your teeth
• Neck pain and stiffness
• Noises in your jaw joints
• Difficulty opening or closing your mouth
• Earache
• Pain in your face

These are just some of the symptoms that my patients have told me. We resolved for them. We use techniques that have been tried and tested for over 20 years.

Through systematic examination, scans of your jaw joints and simple tests we will determine if the cause of your pain is your jaw joint.When the jaw is the trigger only an experienced dentist can estabilise an injured jaw joint and allow it to heal.

If our testing shows your jaw is not the cause of your pain we can make recommendations as to who is best qualified to address your problem.

Isn't it time you understood the cause of your problem?
Let's discuss your health

Do headaches affect the quality of your life?
o you see your chiropractor or osteopath every one or two weeks to stop your neck or back being painful?
Did anyone tell you that the cause of your pain could be your jaw joint?

Let me tell you a story about Sarah...
Sarah loved her job, she worked with children. Sarah was a nanny but it was becoming harder and harder to work because her neck hurt everyday and lifting the children made her sore back worse. She saw her chiropractor every one or two weeks and he could help her but it didn't seem to be getting better. What really worried Sarah was that the constant daily pain was changing the way she thought. Sarah was becoming depressed. Now when she was painting the pictures for the children the images were grey and dark instead of colourful and bright. Sarah knew she needed to do something.

... read on and learn how we helped Sarah address her problem
Sarah came to see us for an initial consultation. At this time I talked with her about her history of pain and what techniques she had tried to eliminate it. We did a detailed assessment of her jaw joints, including using computerised diagnostic equipment. She also had a comprehensive examination of her teeth and gums. Because our testing showed Sarah that her jaw was the source of her pain, she was then referred for scans of her jaw joints.
With this information Sarah was now ready to experience our team approach to help resolve her jaw pain.

The team available to you:
Our experienced dentist
Our nutritionist
Your physical therapist

Healing your injured jaw joint and solving your chronic pain takes more than one person. Our dentist can estabilise your injured jaw joint through use of a custom made small clear plastic bite plate which allows your jaw to rest in the correct position for healing and to allow the muscles of your head and neck to relax.

Your physical therapist will address any areas of your body that require assistance in recovering from months or years of tension triggered by a jaw that was injured or out of alignment. Each week we will consult with your therapist to ensure the team is working together to help you heal.

Our Nutritionist works with you to develop a customised diet to provide the ideal nutrients for your body to heal.

I know from our results that this approach addresses the symptoms of jaw joint dysfunction. If we sound like the practice for you please click here how we can help?

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Chronic Pain?
Do headaches affect the quality of your life?
Do you see your chiropractor or osteopath every one or two weeks to stop your neck or back being painful? - Did anyone tell you that the cause of your pain could be your jaw joint?
We understand your problem!
Do you need pain killers on a daily or weekly basis? - Does Chronic pain affect the way you live your life?
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