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From Neurohealth Chiropractic,, Steven Cannon is a chiropractor and musculoskeletal acupuncturist based on the northern beaches. Over the years Steve has increased his knowledge base to encompass many different skills and techniques to help maximise the optimal health potential of his clients. He has worked in Ireland with the Clare hurling team to the Moulin Rouge dancers in Paris.

As a chiropractor, he works in the realm of proprioceptive chiropractic. Proprioception controls and manages the way we are able to move and it also regulates our muscle tone. Without proprioception we would not be able to walk, talk, eat, jump, land, run and laugh. It is a combination of nerve input and output that means we can walk across uneven ground, flinch if prodded unexpectedly, and to pull away from a hotplate.

Muscle tone in the body creates stability, flexibility and prevents injury, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. It can also drive adrenal and kidney activity, control your posture and improve mental function and feelings of wellbeing. Having improved muscle tone has been linked with the ability of longevity and decrease mortality rates.

The Temporomandibular joint (otherwise known as TMJ or Jaw Joint) and teeth of the human body have high levels of proprioception. Researchers from Adelaide have looked at the gradually increasing pressure on the teeth as opposed to tapping the teeth. They demonstrated that this increased proprioceptive input from pressure causes immediate facilitation of the masseter muscle.

Hence if there is too much or too little tone in the muscles surrounding the jaw, a problem will develop. This can lead to muscle weakness, causing instability and muscle unbalance. This is called a functional weakness. This functional weakness can be something as simple as chewing or swallowing.

Therefore having disorders of the TMJ can cause an individual's posture to change. They start to typically display forward head posture, with chin protrusion and hyperextension of the cervicocranial junction. This dysfunctional movement of the TMJ can lead to the upper cervical spine extending repeatedly, during everyday activities of the jaw. This increased repeated stress to the muscles and vertebrae; especially surrounding C1/2 causes the area to spasm and produce pain. This can lead to nerve irritation and overstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system (Fight, Flight or Freeze), which involves problems such as anxiety, hypertension and digestive disturbances.

Working with Dr Charlotte to rehabilitate the TMJ, we are able to remove the interferences on the nervous system and calm the sympathetic nervous system, which in turn balances the autonomic nervous system leading to a state of optimum health.

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We are a dental practice that has a unique touch. We go above and beyond in the quality of service you normally would experience at a regular general dental practice. Our focus is on you as a person, not just on your teeth and gums.
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Our practice motto is, "together we help people get well and stay well".

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