At Holistic Dental Care we use the best and safest technology available. Not just for the basic dental treatments but also for TMJ, 'sedation', Safe Amalgam Removal and diagnosis.

We use different techniques to customise your treatment making your experience as a patient very unique. From Acoustic Diagnostic Imaging System to NuCalm we offer a professional, thorough and comfortable Holistic Dental Care experience.


Introducing NuCalm, a predictable, proven technology to remediate stress at the mid-brain level without drugs. In four simple steps that take 3-4 minutes, NuCalm naturally interrupts the stress response and guides you to deep relaxation.

NuCalm is a revolutionary technology that naturally relaxes the mind and body without drugs

+ Imagine a relaxing, refreshing, and enjoyable dental experience...
+ Imagine leaving your next dental appointment feeling rejuvenated, balanced and actually happy you kept your appointment... + Imagine enjoying the experience so much you can't wait to tell your friends and family and, even looking forward to going back to the dentist...Now you can!

Learn More about NuCalm BENEFITS

Bowen Therapy

BOWTECH - The Original Bowen Technique

St Leonards Holistic Dental Care has been using Bowen Therapy since 1992 as part of our treatment for patients suffering from headaches, neck pain, back pain and jaw pain. As such, Charlotte will thoroughly assess your individual history and recommend Bowen Therapy if she feels it will assist you. Bowen Therapy is a gentle and highly effective way of maintaining body balance.

Bowtech is holistic and is an important tool to facilitate healing of the whole body. The moves bring about results by penetrating to a deep cellular level, incorporating the body's unique ability to heal itself.
Bowtech is safe to use for any ailment on patients of all ages, from newborn to the elderly, and for everyone from highly trained athletes to pregnant women.
Learn More about BOWTECH - The Original Bowen Technique

Acoustic Diagnostic Imaging System

We use a computarised acoustic reflection technology to accurately map out the size, structure and collapsibility of the oral and nasal airway. We mainly use it for Orthodontic and Sleep Disorders Dentistry.

Prior to the diagnosis of Sleep Disorders Dentists we use the Pharyngometer to screen patients. After diagnosis the it helps to show us how the airway changes in response to mandibular advancement.

"…The pharyngometer (is) accurate in ruling out patients who would not benefit from oral appliances 95% of the time." Source

Safe Amalgam Removal Explained

Holistic Dental Care - Explained
This video explains our Holistic Care Approach.

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